Thursday, February 07, 2013

MOOCs that Evaluators might consider

In a previous post I shared some ideas about Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). I came across a listing of free courses offered by some prominent US Universities via online platforms. The full list with more than 200 courses is here:

The site uses the following key to provide information on the certification offered through these courses.
Free Courses Credential Key
CC = Certificate of Completion
SA  = Statement of Accomplishment
CM = Certificate of Mastery
C-VA = Certificate, with Varied Levels of Accomplishment
NI – No Information About Certificate Available
NC = No Certificate

What caught my eye is the fact that there are quite a few courses listed that might be interesting to evaluators looking to improve their stats capacity.

Introduction to Statistics (NI) – UC Berkeley on edX – January 30 (TBD weeks)
Probability and Statistics (NC) – Carnegie Mellon
Statistical Reasoning (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

A few of the courses that started recently that also looks interesting include:

Data Analysis (NI) – Johns Hopkins on Coursera – January 22 (8 weeks)
Introduction to Databases (SA) – Stanford on Class2Go – January 15 (9 weeks)
Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization (CC) Knight Center at UT-Austin - January 12 (6 weeks)
Social Network Analysis (CC) – University of Michigan on Coursera – January 28 (9 weeks)

Looks like we will have to keep a closer eye on this type of information! 

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