Monday, February 04, 2013

Reflections from various Evaluations of ICT projects

After doing a few evaluations of ICT projects implemented in schools, I reflected on some of the lessons we've learnt throughout. Its not an exhaustive list, and certainly a lot of it is common sense, but somehow it is the common sense things that people do not always plan for.

Some of the key questions that I would like to see answered in evaluations of these type of initiatives include:

›Is the content relevant? (Content review)
›Is the content user friendly for the intended users (Heuristics Evaluation)
›Was it implemented at the requisite “dosage” level for it to possibly work? (Fidelity monitoring)
›Can it effect change? (Experimental design)
›At what cost (to participants and donors) (Cost analysis)
›Then only, can you start to answer: Did it work (Quasi-experimental design)
›Does it work better than “something else” (comparative analysis), or how does it work with “something else”

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