Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Exciting Learning from people involved in South African ICT in Education

I've been fortunate to be invited to a small gathering of people working with Coza Cares in the ICT space in South Africa. The luxury of sitting down for two days and listening to people talk about what they are passionate about, is something to truly savour.

I did a presentation on some ideas I have to define and measure learners' 21st Century Skills in the context of the ICT4RED project. I currently have more questions than answers, but I'm sure we will get there soon. Here is a link to a summary table comparing different Definitions of 21st Century Skills.

Other presentations I really enjoyed was
* Barbara Dale Jones on the role of Bridge and learning communities and knowledge management
* Fiona Wallace, on the CoZaCares model of ICT intervention
* John Thole on Edunova's programme to train and deploy youth to support ICT implementation in Schools
* Siobhan Thatcher from Edunova's presentation on Edunova's model for deploying Learning Centres in support of Schools
* Brett Simpson from Breadbin Interactive on the learning they've done on the deployment of their content repository.
*Ben Bredenkamp from Pendula ICT talking about their model for ICt integration and experience of the One Laptop per Child project in South Africa.
* Dylan Busa from Mindset speaking about the relaunch of their website content.
* Merryl Ford and Maggie Verster talking about the ICT4RED project