Thursday, August 04, 2011

Telephone Equipment for Evaluators

From time-to-time my consultancy conducts telephonic surveys and teleconferences as part of our normal evaluation work. I have been extremely impressed with the two South African companies that we bought our equipment from, and I want to share their contact details with you.

To give you an indication of why I was impressed - Within five minutes of contacting Phonatics about headsets, I had a quote, and it was delivered on the same day I paid for the equipment.

After losing our conference phone's manual, we emailed the general info@ email address on the Konftel website - 10 minutes later we received an emailed manual and someone called us to ensure that we got what we were looking for.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Knowledge Management Toolkit

Knowledge Management for Health put this KM toolkit together that might be useful for Health Practitioners and those in the M&E field who are also concerned with ensuring that the "learning" from our evaluations do not get lost.

It will help those who are:
  • Looking for a primer on KM
  • Developing a KM strategy
  • Interested in knowledge sharing strategies
  • Interested in how to find knowledge and the best ways to organize it
  • Interested in tools to create new insights and knowledge
  • Interested in tools for adapting knowledge to inform and improve policy and program decision-making
  • Evaluating KM activities or programmes