Monday, July 11, 2011

South African Consumer Databases

Eighty20 is a neat consultancy that works with various databases available in South Africa to provide businesses, marketers, policy makers and developmental organisations with data-informed insights. I am subscribed to their "fact a day" service, which provides all sorts of interesting statistical trivia, but also exposes the various databases available in South Africa.

Today, their email carried an announcement about a new service called XtracT beta which apparently allows you to "crosstab anything against anything"

They say:
XtracT is the easiest way to access consumer information databases in South Africa. Just choose what interests you (demographics, psychographics, products, media, etc), and a filter if you wish, and a flexible cross-tabulation will appear.
Details about how it works can be found on the XtracT website, and they even have a short tutorial video to explain it.

In case you wondered about their logo... This t-shirt might give you a hint!

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