Monday, June 20, 2011

How Many Days Does it Take for Respondents to Respond to Your Survey?

At my consultancy we use SurveyMonkey for all our online survey needs. It is simple to use, reliable, and they are very responsive.

Their research and found that

The majority of responses to surveys using an email collector were gathered in the first few days after email invitations were sent, and
•41% of responses were collected within 1 day
•66% of responses were collected within 3 days
•80% of responses were collected within 7 days
 The graph below maps the response rate against time.

The findings suggest that, under most circumstances, it would be best to wait at least seven days before starting to analyze survey responses. Sending out a reminder email after a week would probably boost the response rate somewhat.
SurveyMonkey also did some interesting analysis to answer questions like:

How Much Time are Respondents Willing to Spend on Your Survey?

Does Adding One More Question Impact Survey Completion Rate?

Go check it out!

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