Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Google Scholar

This is such a good idea, I wonder why they didn't come up with it a long time ago.
Google has a new search engine for searching academic literature online.

Doing a search for "Well Being" on Google Scholar, returned 61,600 results. The top results returned include:

Psychological Well-Being in Adult Life.CD Ryff - Current Directions in Psychological Science, 1995 - Blackwell Synergy ... Being (Aldine, Chicago, 1969); E. Diener, Subjective well-being, Psychological Bulletin,95, 542-575 (1984); MP Lawton, The varities of wellbeing, in Emotion ... Cited by 81 - Web Search
[CITATION] Scales for the measurement of some work attitudes and aspects of psychological well-beingP Warr, J Cook, T Wall - Journal of Occupational Psychology, 1979
Cited by 235 - Web Search
[CITATION] Relation of agency and communion to well-being: Evidence and potential explanationsVS Helgeson - Psychological Bulletin, 1994
Cited by 116 - Web Search - BL Direct
[CITATION] The measurement of well-being and other aspects of mental healthP Warr - Journal of Occupational Psychology, 1990
Cited by 102 - Web Search
… patient centred care of diabetes in general practice: impact on current wellbeing and future disease … - group of 6 »AL Kinmonth, A Woodcock, S Griffin, N Spiegal, MJ … - British Medical Journal - ... General Practice. Randomised controlled trial of patient centred care of diabetesin general practice: impact on current wellbeing and future disease risk. ... Cited by 117 - Web Search - BL Direct
Factors affecting the emotional wellbeing of the caregivers of dementia sufferers - group of 3 »RG Morris - The British Journal of Psychiatry, 1988 - ... Royal College of Psychiatrists. Factors affecting the emotional wellbeing ofthe caregivers of dementia sufferers. RG Morris, LW Morris ... Cited by 67 - Web Search
Sports participation and emotional wellbeing in adolescents. - group of 2 »A Steptoe, N Butler - Lancet, 1996 - ... Sports participation and emotional wellbeing in adolescents. Steptoe A,Butler N. Department of Psychology, St George's Hospital ... Cited by 55 - Web Search - BL

Doing the same search on the normal google delivers 23,000,000 hits with the following under the top ranked items:

Well Being
WellBeing of Women is the only national charity funding vital research into all aspects of women's reproductive - 18k -
Cached - Similar pages
WellBeing Australia - natural health directory, courses and seminars, natural health articles and more. Yoga, Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, - 43k -
Cached - Similar pages
A manifesto for wellbeing
We often think of wellbeing as happiness, but it is more than that. ... But for most Australians more money would add little to their wellbeing. - 20k -
Cached - Similar pages
Mental Health and Wellbeing
Information on Australian Government mental health and wellbeing and suicide prevention initiatives, including beyondblue – the National Depression - 17k -
Cached - Similar pages
Well Being Journal
Well Being Journal: a health and wellness journal covering alternative medicine, natural healing, nutrition, herbs, and spiritual - 9k -
Cached - Similar pages
Australian Centre on Quality of Life - The Australian Unity Index ...
The AustralianUnity Wellbeing Index is designed to fill this niche. ... "The Wellbeing of Australians - Impact of the Impending Iraq War" - 17k -
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Nice, very nice!

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