Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cute Web Resource on Logic Models

We often have to do training on Logic models and assist our clients in developing indicator frameworks. There are various resources on the net available to help you do this, but in the end we usually have to facilitate a workshop with the clients.

Before I can send a consultant out to do some training for us, I have to make sure that they understand the concepts exactly as we do. I have found a cute resource that might show the way on how we can start to streamline our knowledge management processes. Instead of sitting with a consultant everytime before an assignment, we could start using technology to make the job easier. Videotaping a training session is one way of doing it, but at the following link you will find a particularly cute example of how one could use flash to create a website / CD. I think this is an excellent resource!

Also, some discussion on the AEA list recently pointed to the following basic guides about evaluation.

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