Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Impact Evaluation Guidance for Non-profits

Interaction has this lovely Guidance note and Webinar Series on Impact Evaluation available on their website.

Impact Evaluation Guidance Note and Webinar Series

With financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation, InterAction developed a four-part series of guidance notes and webinars on impact evaluation. The purpose of the series is to build the capacity of NGOs (and others) to demonstrate effectiveness by increasing their understanding of and ability to conduct high quality impact evaluation.
The four guidance notes in the series are:
  1. Introduction to Impact Evaluation, by Patricia Rogers, Professor in Public Sector Evaluation, RMIT University
  2. Linking Monitoring & Evaluation to Impact Evaluation,  by Burt Perrin, Independent Consultant
  3. Introduction to Mixed Methods in Impact Evaluation, by Michael Bamberger, Independent Consultant
  4. Use of Impact Evaluation Results, by David Bonbright, Chief Executive, Keystone Accountability
Each guidance note is accompanied by two webinars. In the first webinar, the authors present an overview of their note. In the second webinar, two organizations - typically NGOs - present on their experiences with different aspects of impact evaluation. In addition, each guidance note has been translated into several languages, including Spanish and French. Webinar recordings, presentation slides and the translated versions of each note are provided on the website.

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