Friday, April 29, 2011

Tools to create infographics.

This post from Fast company provides an overview of some tools for creating info graphics.

They discuss:
Many Eyes
Which allows you to visually represent some data sets that they have available, or allows you to upload your own to play with.

Google Public Data Explorer
Which is a public version of one of Google's research tools.

Which helps you to create and customzie Venn Diagrams. Hohli also allows you to create other charts, including scatter plots and other line charts.

Although this tool describes itself as a "toy" for generating word clouds, it can be an effective service to spruce up your work.
Is a new tool (still being tested), that will allow you to create and share infographics. From a first look on YouTube, this new service will be a great resource to create a compelling storytelling visualization. A youtube clip explains it all

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