Thursday, March 31, 2011

AEA 365

The American Evaluation Association has this AEA365 service, which is really cool. I love what they have done with it. I only today managed to look at it in detail and its now my new favourite resource to recommend to new evaluators.

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In 2007 I actually wrote a concept note for a service like this when I was at an AfrEA workshop in Niamey, Niger. Subsequently I mentioned it at the SAMEA conference as a potential service and everyboy thought it was a good idea. But I just did not have the resources at my disposal to make it happen. During that time I was invovled in running the operations of SAMEA and later AFREA so all my volunteer time and inspiration was swallowed up there. And although I thought that graduate students might be best placed to start compiling the content, I just never could find someone that would be willing to drive such an idea. So I am soooooooo happy that AEA had the same smart idea and were actually able to pull together the resources to make it a reality.

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