Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Handy Publication: New Trends in Evaluation

You know how you always come back with a stack of stuff to read when you've attended an evaluation conference? It most cases the material just gets added to my ever growing "to read" pile. It is only once I start searching for something or decide to spring-clean, that I actually sit down and read some of the stuff. This morning I came across a copy of UNICEF / CEE/CIS and IPEN's New Trends in Evaluation.

What a delightfully simple straightforward publication - yet it packs so much relevant information between its two covers. I wish I had remembered about it last week when I lectured to students at UJ. Before I was able to get on with the lecture on Participatory M&E, I first had to explain how M&E is different and similar to Social Impact Assessments (In the sense of ex-ante Environmental Impact Assessment type assessment). I think it would have been a very handy introductory source to have.

The table of contents looks as follow:

1. Why Evaluate?
The evolution of the evaluation function
The status of the evaluation function worldwide
The importance of Evaluation Associations and Networks
THe oversight and M&E function
2. How to Evaluate?
Evaluation culture: a new approach to learning and change
Democracy and Evaluation
Democratic Approach to Evalution
3. Programme Evaluation Development in the CEE/CIS

But what is really useful is the Annexures:
Annex 1: Internet Bades Discussion Groups Relevant to Evaluation
Annex 2: Internet Websites Relevant to Evaluation
Annex 3: Evaluation Training and Reference Sources Available Online
Annex 4-1: UNEG Standards for Evaluation in the UN System
Annex 4-2: UNEG Norms for Evaluation in the UN System
Annex 5: What goes into a Temrs of Reference; UNICEF evaluation Technical Notes, Issue No.2

The good thing about this publication is that you can download it for free off the internet at

An introductory blurb and a presentation is also available from the IOCE website.

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