Thursday, January 04, 2007

Very very usable Evaluation Journal - AJE

I’ve just paged through the December 2006 issue of the American Journal of Evaluation, and once again I am impressed.

It is such a usable journal for practitioners like myself, whilst still balancing it with the academic requirements that a journal should have. They do this by including

  • Articles – That deal with topics applicable to the broad field of program evaluation
  • Forum Pieces – A section were people get to present opinions and professional judgments relating to the philosophical, ethical and practical dilemmas of our profession.
  • Exemplars - Interviews with practitioners whose work can demonstrate in a specific evaluation study, the application of different models, theories and priciples described in evaluation literature.
  • Historical Record - Important turning points within the profession is analyzed, or historically significant evaluation works are discussed.
  • Method Notes – Which includes shorter papers describing methods and techniques that can improve evaluation practice.
  • Book Reviews – Recent books applicable to the broad field of program evaluation are reviewed.

I receive this journal as part of my membership to the American Evaluation Association – at a fraction of the costs that buying the publication on its own would have.

Go ahead – try it out – Here is a link to its archive:

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